What is Vincit Dev Talks?


In our work with the leading tech companies we’ve seen that building quality software is always a team effort. Effective team members need to understand and appreciate the various aspects of the creative process, including design, innovation, development, marketing and sales.

Vincit Dev Talks is designed to bring directors down from their towers and developers out from their cubicles. We will feature speeches on a variety of topics ranging from marketing and business development to software engineering. Talks will be brief but informative, leaving time to chat and enjoy the free food and drinks




Let’s get to know each other, have a beer or two and some tasty burritos. #openbar #happyhour


Welcoming Words


⚡ Lightning Talks

Quick intro to the async/await feature new in Node v7 / Chrome 55
Vue.js: Is it worth the hype?



Time to refill


How Engineers Can Work Better with Design (and vice-versa)



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Audrey Crane
Partner, DesignMap

Audrey has worked in high tech for 15 years. DesignMap currently works with clients like HP, Cloudgenix and Docker. As an Executive Producer at Netscape, she managed high-profile products such as Net Search, Netscape’s advertising program, MyNetscape, and Registration. For 6 years she worked at Dubberly Design Office with clients like Sun Microsystems, Palm Inc., Stanford University, Revolution Health, Opsware Inc., and Jotspot. She also served as the Vice President of Design at The Magellan Network, building a design practice that turned out several web-based and desktop applications. Audrey has presented work at conferences including DUX; About, With and For; BayCHI; and for the AIGA.

Dave Templin
Software Architect, PriceSpider

Software architect focused on Node.js, large scale JavaScript/TypeScript development (both server and client side), and big-data with MongoDB, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL. Background developing high-volume online services and shipping consumer-oriented software applications.

Mikko Salokangas
Passionate Lead Developer, Vincit

Mikko is a Passionate Lead Developer at Vincit. He is a full-stack developer and project lead with a passion for front-end development. He has been working as a professional software developer for over 10 years, and during his career he has worked with numerous technologies. For the past few years, he has focused primarily on Javascript and React.

Time & Place

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 – 6:00PM-8:00PM

Vincit @ WeWork 3rd floor
200 Spectrum Center Drive Irvine



Validated parking is NOT be provided for the event. You are welcome to park in the WeWork parking structure but parking fees will apply. For free parking, take a look at the map below.


Mikko Salokangas
Scott Brassfield