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Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 10AM

Virtual on Zoom

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Vincit Talks is a community for the curious-minded who are interested in staying up to date with what’s happening in tech development, user experience design, and business strategy. Our programming of both virtual and on-site speaker series provides interesting talks from various notable industry leaders and passionate experts that appeal to business owners, developers, designers, and marketers alike! Vincit Talks will be brief but informative, leaving time for Q&A after each session.



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Immersive Technology & Reimagining Your Sales Strategy

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David Gull
CEO & Founder, Outer Realm

David is the CEO and Founder of Outer Realm, a technology company based in Los Angeles that helps real estate companies fully sell and lease projects before they’re built with AR/VR technology. He is a tech entrepreneur with a background in architecture, design, and real estate. David also specializes in bringing together bleeding-edge technology with world-class design.

Sean Richards
Senior Vice President - Strategy and Partnerships, Vincit

Sean Richards is currently the SVP of Strategy and Partnerships at Vincit and seasoned digital marketing professional with 13 years of experience working with large brands spanning automotive, real estate, solar, healthcare and beyond. Sean believes that a brands most important responsibility is to be passionate about their product and service first, then deliver on that passion through serving their customers the best possible user experiences that exceed expectations. Sean has consulted several companies through their digital transformations by defining and delivering an ecosystem of integrated technologies to support business goals and continues to do so in his role at Vincit.

You can contact Sean at or connect on LinkedIn.

Time & Place

Thursday, September 24, 2020 – 10:00AM-11:00AM

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