What is Vincit Dev Talks?


In our work with the leading tech companies we’ve seen that building quality software is always a team effort. Effective team members need to understand and appreciate the various aspects of the creative process, including design, innovation, development, marketing and sales.

Vincit Dev Talks is designed to bring directors down from their towers and developers out from their cubicles. We will feature speeches on a variety of topics ranging from marketing and business development to software engineering. Talks will be brief but informative, leaving time to chat and enjoy the free food and drinks




Let’s get to know each other, have a beer or two and some tasty burritos. #openbar #happyhour


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⚡ Lightning Talks

Companies with Culture & How to Find Them
Pre-generating Web Pages Dynamically Using React and Yeoman



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Importance of UX & Brand in a multi-moment consumer journey



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Joel Spitler
Software Developer, PriceSpider

Joel is a software developer in the truest sense of the word. He has been working at PriceSpider for a few years, and before that has worked in multiple software capacities in a variety of companies. Also, don’t let the picture fool you, he can grow a mean beard when he wants to.

Naushad Huda

Passionate entrepreneur, brand and digital strategist focused on innovation and growth. Naushad graduated from UC Berkeley in 2001 and a JD from Whittier Law School while earning CALI awards and Judicial clerkships in 2006.

Today, XTOPOLY is a multi-award winning digital brand agency inspiring innovation and catalyzing growth for brands such as Yamaha, Kellogg’s, Friar Tux, Realty ONE Group. Naushad has an uncanny ability to creatively identify opportunities for brands in the digital space, spot relevant trends, develop brand structures and paradigms including proprietary brand frameworks used at XTOPOLY for their clients.

Sean Dailey
Director of Talent & Culture, Ytel

Sean Dailey is the Director of Talent & Culture at Ytel, a communication software company based here in Southern California. He started his career in agency recruiting, helping other companies grow their teams and gaining valuable insight into a wide variety of organizations. There was one common theme with most of these companies that he noticed – a lack of care for the people and culture. Eventually, Sean grew tired of sending great candidates to companies that weren’t what they claimed to be and decided to pursue an internal recruiting role, where he could positively impact the company’s culture and new hires’ experience. When he was first introduced to Ytel he knew he’d found a company that mirrored his values. Sean has been consistently growing their team ever since.

Sean is a huge believer in company culture and relationship building. With these focuses, he has made it his personal goal to provide employees with an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and passion.

Time & Place

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 – 6:00PM-8:00PM

Vincit @ WeWork 3rd floor
200 Spectrum Center Drive Irvine



Validated parking is NOT be provided for the event. You are welcome to park in the WeWork parking structure but parking fees will apply. For free parking, take a look at the map below.


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