What is Vincit Dev Talks?


In our work with the leading tech companies we’ve seen that building quality software is always a team effort. Effective team members need to understand and appreciate the various aspects of the creative process, including design, innovation, development, marketing and sales.

Vincit Dev Talks is designed to bring directors down from their towers and developers out from their cubicles. We will feature speeches on a variety of topics ranging from marketing and business development to software engineering. Talks will be brief but informative, leaving time to chat and enjoy the free food and drinks



Networking + Food

Let’s get to know each other as we all enjoy some tasty sliders from Burntzilla!


Welcoming Words


Getting Distribution for your AI Apps with Veritone


Micro Frontends with React: Scaling the Interface


Invest Engineering Intelligently



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Andrew McIntosh
Business Operations Director, Veritone

Andrew is the Business Operations Director for Veritone Inc in Costa Mesa, CA. He enjoys building products that have long term value for the client, consumer, and the end user. He sees this challenge as an exciting opportunity to learn something each day from whatever product he is building.

Andrew George
Senior UX Engineer, Obsidian Security

Andrew is a Senior UX Engineer at Obsidian Security, a company that focuses on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and hybrid-cloud environments and is led by former founding team members of Cylance and Carbon Black. He has 12 years of experience building enterprise and consumer applications for companies like AWS, Acura, and Blackberry. The majority of his work is focused on creating data visualizations and building UI component libraries.

David Packard
VP Engineering, Acorns

David is the VP Engineering at Acorns and prior to that he was an Engineer with Amazon for 11 years. During that time he was a serial entrepreneur, bouncing from business to business innovating in Payments, Retail, and Operations. He is a Southern California native, but has spent time overseas in England and Japan, and speaks Japanese fluently, he is passionate about what he does and helping out the next generation.

Time & Place

Thursday, October 4, 2018 – 6:00PM-8:00PM

Vincit @ WeWork 3rd floor
200 Spectrum Center Drive Irvine


Parking Address: Gateway 67, Irvine

Validated parking is NOT provided for the event. You are welcome to park in the WeWork parking structure but parking fees will apply. For free parking, go to Irvine Spectrum lot just across the street at the corner of Spectrum Center Drive and Gateway.  As you exit structure and head towards intersection, there is a pedestrian walkway to the left that leads you directly to Building 200.


Mikko Salokangas
Rachel Valentine