What is Vincit Dev Talks?


In our work with the leading tech companies we’ve seen that building quality software is always a team effort. Effective team members need to understand and appreciate the various aspects of the creative process, including design, innovation, development, marketing and sales.

Vincit Dev Talks is designed to bring directors down from their towers and developers out from their cubicles. We will feature speeches on a variety of topics ranging from marketing and business development to software engineering. Talks will be brief but informative, leaving time to chat and enjoy the free food and drinks




Let’s get to know each other, have a beer or two and some tasty burritos. #openbar #happyhour


Welcoming Words


The State of VR in 2017, and How You Can Get Involved


Creating More Immersive Realities


Get Started with WebVR using A-Frame and React



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Dylan Watkins
Founder, Monster VR

Dylan is an inventor & entrepreneur, with a passion for teaching & building amazing virtual/augmented reality experiences. Monster VR is a community driven virtual reality development studio that aims to change gaming, advertising and interactive education with new and innovative ideas in VR and 360 video.

Allen White
Immersive Realities Designer, Team One

As an Immersive Reality Designer at Team One, Allen is a multidisciplinary designer who helps global brands tell powerful stories in new mediums. He is a key member of the Immersive Realities and Fabrication team at Team One, as well as Tiltshift, Publicis Groupe’s new VR/immersive reality consultancy and production studio, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Max Waldron
Immersive Experience Designer, Team One

Max Waldron, an Immersive Experience Designer at Team One, Publicis Groupe’s premium and luxury advertising agency. His role is to help build virtual experiences that feel as natural, engaging, immersive and user-centered as possible. He additionally works with Tiltshift, Publicis Groupe’s new VR/immersive reality consultancy and production studio, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Adam Berro
Web Developer, Verys

Adam Berro works as a local web developer, who is interested in JavaScript, games, and the future of the web!

Time & Place

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 – 6:00PM-8:00PM

Vincit @ WeWork 3rd floor
200 Spectrum Center Drive Irvine



Validated parking is NOT provided for the event. You are welcome to park in the WeWork parking structure but parking fees will apply. For free parking, take a look at the map below.


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Scott Brassfield